This offers clients an opportunity to ask a professional designer specific questions without having to hire me to design the whole room. This consultancy structure is great for a client who needs a single design element sourcing, paint suggestions or is simply looking to rearrange their floor plan to better fit their space. 

1 hr consultation - £50

Basic E-design package (plan + mood board +shopping list + 1 revision )

1 room - £300

2room - £560

3room - £800

4 room - £1000

For an extra of £300 per room I will create a 3D render which will allow you to see what your styled space will look like

Full design package

I can provide a full design packge, where I would a create everything to suite your needs. I can provide all the detailed drawings required to the builders or other specialist. 

My hourly rate could be £40-£50 per hour depending of the size of the project

Designer to designer service

I offer design, presentation, 3D and drafting assistance to other designers.

My services allows busy interior designers to keep up with tight deadlines and focus on their client’s needs. By outsourcing tasks to myself, can focus on putting your client’s needs first. 

My hourly rate could be £30-£40 per hour depending on size of the project/ task  


While navigating through COVID-19 and working virtually is a new norm to some of us, but this is something I have been doing for years. I am happy to be continuing interior design business as usual through these challenging times. Meeting  clients online and helping them with their projects virtually is more rewarding  now than ever! 

E-Design service is a  simple and cost effective. Each and every  project is bespoke and designed to fit your style and space. The best part  about my services? All the communication is done via e-mail, zoom and phone so  you can access your design from the comfort of your own space and I will deliver a personalised design experience right to your inbox. 

Step 1 - Consultation. I start by getting to know you and your space.

Once we begin working together the first stage of the process is the design consultation meeting. During this meeting I get to know you and your space just as I normally would if coming to any of site visit. We would get into the details such as your ideas, budget and the functionality of the space and of course your visions and style preferences. This stage is by far the most important part as lays the groundwork down for the rest of the process. 

Step 2 - Design process
 . I  would get to work on design and you on providing the details

After I am positive I have our vision nailed down, I start designing! This process can take a few days, a week, or maybe a few weeks depending on the size of the project I am working on with you. 

By providing a few key pictures of the project space, I am able to get a full vision of what I will provide in your design package. 

Step 3 - Design package handover

When I am all done, you will get access to your design package. Here’s what it includes:

Concept board +revisions. You are entitled to one revision to the final design. Any further revisions will be charged.

Space plan. The 2D space plan is a detailed furniture layout plan that is created to scale. It allows you to see how each piece of furniture will fit within your room.

Shopping listand installation guide. I will provide you with a customised shopping list of the selected products, complete with shoppable links, measurements and costs in addition to a installation guide to help you set up your space to perfection.

Aditionally the visuals can be provided if needed. 

Step 4 - Enjoy your new space!

As items arrive I help answer questions and see the design installation through  till the last detail! Then it's time for you to take a step back and enjoy your professionally designed space!

Upon receipt of your final design, you will get 6 weeks follow up support. 

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